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Chronicle review

Posted : 3 years, 9 months ago on 23 February 2018 02:49 (A review of Chronicle)

the story dont going very good before criticizing
again do not abuse the clichés is good

so the characters develop their personality
but since the story was not going well

even though it was the end it would not be good
but even so the ending was the least shit that could be

and the protagonist was right to be a psychopath
he wanted to save his mother
and kill his father who neither cares about the if i see good the father want to kill his son

and the two friends are decent and for some reason if he did not feel so much personality

I still do not recommend it that much
and if you want something new from university if you want something new

this review is quick made

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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri review

Posted : 3 years, 9 months ago on 9 February 2018 04:58 (A review of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri)

this is a fucking masterpiece of dark humor and drama
the story perfectly manages the drama without leaving the humor behind

a cast of well-characterized characters

besides that some scenes were more than memorable among those highlights when mildred puts out the fire of the billboards

for rare reasons this is the only one of the few films that I can consider I can not consider overvalued

no doubt Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is a great movie

with that, it's my favorite for the oscar for the best movie

it's really worth seeing

una jodida obra maestra de humor negro y drama
la historia maneja perfectamente el drama sin dejar el drama atrás

un cast de personajes bien caracterizados
ademas de eso algunas escenas eran mas que memorables entre esas destaco cuando mildred apagaba el fuego de las vallas publicitarias

por raras razones esta se me hace de las pocas películas que puedo considerar no puedo considerar sobrevaloradas

sin duda tres anuncios por un crimen es una gran pelicula
con eso se hico es mi favorita para el oscar la mejor pelicula junto con dunkerque

realmente merece la pena ver

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Frozen review

Posted : 3 years, 10 months ago on 19 January 2018 04:59 (A review of Frozen)

is one of the worst of disney before this the only good thing is the animation

the characters are annoying and it's not even worth talking about all
the music is really bad at least in la la land they did not exaggerate it and it was more than decent here without songs the film would be approximately 50 minutes or less

the story is boring, slow and predictable with things without sense hans had nothing to become villain

practically do things without logic but as it is disney everything is worth shit

the movie is a fucking shit if you want something better than this see moana

I deserved to win the wind rises that monsters university was or in the end won ernest and celestine the croods until despicable me 2 deserved more to win

even so I do not recommend seeing it and it remains like the worst Disney 3d movie
of the worst animated the second worst in 2013 ( the worst is movie 43 )
and from the worsts of all time

es una de las peores de disney antes de esto lo único bueno es la animación

los personajes son molestos y nisiquiera vale la pena hablar de todos
la música es malísima al menos en la la land no lo exageraban y era mas que decente la música aquí sin canciones la pelicula seria aproximadamente de 50 minutos o menos

la historia es aburrida , lenta y predecible con cosas sin sentido hans no tenia nada para hacerse villano

prácticamente hacen cosas sin lógica pero como es disney todo es vale mierda

la película es una puta mierda si quieren algo mejor que esto vean moana

merecia ganar the wind rises que monsters university estuviera o de final ganaba los croods ernest y celestine hasta mi villano favorito 2 merecia mas ganar

aun asi no la recomiendo ver y se queda como la peor película de 3d de disney de las peores animadas la segunda peor del 2013 (superada por movie 43) y de las peores de todos los tiempos


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The Room review

Posted : 3 years, 10 months ago on 11 January 2018 06:35 (A review of The Room)

Oh hi mark
all in this movie is bad what a terrible piece of shit
bad perfomance sex everywhere (for that i cant see all the shitty movie bad story and more


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One Punch Man review

Posted : 3 years, 11 months ago on 5 January 2018 04:21 (A review of One Punch Man)

i gonna make the review of adult cailou
[Link removed - login to see]
i gonna make it because animelist say are gonna make another season
[Link removed - login to see]

One bad thing is that I tried to be would be serious with a story
if they are going to repeat the same thing like tom and Jerry but i think this is better
this also does not give development to other characters
with the end there is no change only survived more than one punch of Saitama
also I thought it would be open end with the dragon level threat
but i forget level god is the most level of danger

the animation is decent because japan usually makes several errors in the animation to take weekly episodes giving things like this
[Link removed - login to see]:

In if the series is only to entertain nothing else does not work for another level to be good

voy a hacer la critica de la fusión de cailou adulto
[Link removed - login to see]
además según animelist van a sacar una segunda temporada
[Link removed - login to see]

Una cosa mala es que trataba de ser seria con una historia si van a repetir lo mismo es como tom y Jerry aunque creo que es mejor esta además no le dan desarrollo a otros personajes
con el final no hay cambio solo sobrevivio mas de un golpe de Saitama
además pensé que seria final abierto con la amenaza nivel dragon aunque se me olvido que nivel dios es el máximo

la animación es decente por que japon suele hacer varios errores en la animación para sacar episodios semanales dando cosas como esto
[Link removed - login to see]:

En si la serie solo es para entretener nada mas no sirve para otro nivel para ser buena

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi review

Posted : 3 years, 11 months ago on 23 December 2017 07:21 (A review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi)

Cosas Antes de la critca/things after the review
1 I do not think to give a rating for the varied opinions so you get your verdict
no le pienso dar una calificación por las opiniones variadas asi que tu saca tu veredicto
2 obviamente MUCHOS SPOILERS/Spoilers Alert
3 Es mi opinion ósea saben que no soy el mejor critico ni que mi critica será la mejor
It's my opinion, they know that I'm not the best critic nor that my critic will be the best
4 Merry Christmas and new year feliz navidad y prospero año nuevo


first some clichés came of the previous ones but at the same time some did not commit it which is fine

first it seemed at least better than the seventh

the end is somewhat confusing but I would have liked Leia Dies in this but not happened
But Now is making she overpowered but really much

Same is than the final scene is the luke dead and not the scene of the possibly new jedis
although it would not make sense because that name would not work or if we took that there were the last

that powerful bad guy was fine that he died here because if it would not be the same as in the six I also believe that Kylo killed him just like Darth Vader when he killed his master in the return of the Jedi.

Even so, I feel it necessary to add that Finn and i think maz end up and they went to that planet and that it reappeared like a bar

still I feel something interesting history but with clichés

The Characters At Least Luke Now It was for the rarest reason nice
Leia it seemed annoying now I do not even know how to say it
Rey continued to look decent and good protagonist
Kylo ren who is supposedly the villain became one of my favorites although I think you can predict what will be good
Finn It made me one of the nicest

In music I do not know why I say it if it's the same thing
and some performances were fine

and with the special effects again it's star wars means they're good in fact when I went to see it with my family it was with the garbage of 3D AND 4D

4D It was a thing that moved the chair when something happened if it rained water etc
but is really good to see it in 4d

in if I say fast that the movie if I liked but has errors but I think it will be the best of this trilogy


primero hubieron algunos cliches aquí de las anteriores pero a la vez algunos no lo cometieron lo cual esta bien

primero me parecio al menos mejor que la séptima

el final es algo confuso pero me hubiera gustado que leia fallecería ya que además la estaban volviendo overpower

también que finalizara con la muerte de luke y mostraran antes los niños que podían posiblemente ser jedis aunque no tendría sentido por que ese nombre no serviría o si tomamos que allí eran los últimos

ese malo poderoso estuvo bien que muriera aquí por que si no seria lo mismo que en la seis además creo que Kylo lo mato igual como darth vader cuando mato a su maestro en el regreso del jedi

aun asi sentí inecesario agregar de que finn y creo que maz fueron a ese planeta y que volviera a aparecer como un bar (Aunque asi no aparecerían esos niños

aun asi sentí algo intersante la historia pero con los cliches

Los Personajes Al Menos Luke Ahora Era por rarísima razón agradable
Leia me parecio ahora molesta nisiquiera se como decirlo
Rey Me siguió pareciendo decente y buena protagonista
Kylo ren que supuestamente es el villano se hico uno de mis favoritos aunque creo que se puede predecir de que se hara bueno
Finn sigue siendo agradable

En La música no se nisiquiera por que lo digo si es lo mismo pasable
y algunas actuaciones estuvieron bien

y con los efectos especiales otra vez es star wars significa que son buenos de echo cuando la fui a ver con mi familia fue con la basura de 3D Y 4D y el 4D Era una cosa que se movia la silla cuando pasaba cierta cosa si llovia hechaba agua etc pero asi se sentía mejor

en si dire rápido que la película si me gusto pero tiene errores pero me parece que será la mejor de esta trilogia

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Wonderful Masterpiece

Posted : 3 years, 11 months ago on 22 December 2017 04:55 (A review of To Kill a Mockingbird)



I wanted to see this movie when I once view the people i follow in listal ratings of all this is the movie with the best rating wih 9,8/10


the story was getting better and better and more interesting which gives more speculation that it will happen

even so I leave something confusing the end

the characters are well characterized and with good personality at the same time his performances were good

the music is average even so I felt cheated the synopsis when I saw it I thought that Finch would be very stressed and when the trial was over he would finish saving Tom Robinson by giving him innocence

even so it was a film that I enjoyed a lot and recommended I will give it its due

esta película la quise ver cuando una vez cuando listal viendo las calificaciones de los que seguía esta tenia la mayor calificación de un 9,8/10 lo cual me intereso en verla


la historia se hacia cada vez mejor e mas interesante lo cual daba mas especulaciones de que pasara

aun asi me dejo algo confuso el final

los personajes están bien caracterizados y con buena personalidad a la vez sus actuaciones eran buenas

la música era decente

aun asi sentí engaño el la sinopsis cuando la vi por que cuando empezó el juicio pensé de que finch estaría muy estresado durante el juicio y cuando terminara el juicio terminaría salvando a tom Robinson dándole inocencia

aun asi fue una película que disfrute mucho y recomendada le dare su merecido

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Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith review

Posted : 3 years, 11 months ago on 18 December 2017 04:40 (A review of Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith)

30 Views For Star Wars IV Review if we not get the reach in a week i no gonna make more Reviews of star wars (the last jedi is gonna have and more i gonna see it today

30 Vistas para la critica a Star wars IV Si no lo conseguimos en una semana no hare mas criticas a star wars pero a los últimos jedi si pienso hacer una de hecho hoy la voy a ver

in if the last one was where the story was better
what I liked the most was the fight of obi-wan kenobi and anakin skywalker long but good

even as before the music and characters remain the same

the music is decent but could lower points since they have many movies and in few there are memorable soundtracks without being the same

good but not outstanding means that this is the best of the trilogy

but for obvious reasons the original trilogy is better

here in a few words is not that I feel like criticizing them

they have mixed opinions that do not have much to talk about and i dont know if give a good score or bad score


en si aquí la historia mejoro dando mas interés que en las otras
lo que mas me gusto fue la pelea de obi-wan contra anakin skywalker larga pero buena y si que era memorable

pero en lo otro sigue igual bueno pero no sobresaliente la música es decente pero podría bajarle puntos ya que tienen muchas películas y en pocas hay soundtracks memorables sin ser los mismos

pero de todas formas sigue siendo la mejor de esta trilogía

aunque la trilogía original es mejor obviamente

miren no es que tenga ganas de criticar esto
tienen opiniones mixtas y no puedo pensar demasiado si darle buena calificación o baja

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Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones review

Posted : 3 years, 11 months ago on 10 December 2017 06:49 (A review of Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones)

20 Vistas para star wars III Review
20 Views For Star wars III

first the only interesting thing in history
wants to know what will happen in the next Movie

I still do not think it's good
good because had no spark of the first

in characters and acting are still just as normal that I could not even think of its quality

look in a few words
I do not find too many points to this film
but even so this is the worst in the series

still that's enough to see the III

in form is a mediocre movie

but not for 2/10
for me is 5/10

primero lo único interesante es la historia
da cosas interesantes
pero la historia no creo que sea buena
bueno porque no tenía chispa de la primera

en los personajes y la actuación siguen siendo tan normales que nisiquiera podía pensar algo que decir

mira en pocas palabras
No encuentro demasiados puntos para esta película
pero aun así este es el peor de la serie

Todavía eso es suficiente para ver el III

  en forma es una película mediocre

pero no para mi no es terrible
para mí es 5/10

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Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace review

Posted : 3 years, 11 months ago on 8 December 2017 09:21 (A review of Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace)

si superan un numero de visitas subiré una critica a la siguiente película de star wars

if they surpass a number of visits I will upload a critique to the following star wars movie

15 visitas subo una critica a star wars 2/I upload a critique to star wars 2

The story it's not that it was so interesting
Well the problem is that not much things happens in the film

but still the story will leave as decent

the characters some of them gave a sense of mystery

the music was like the saga is good

and the performance some do it well

even so I do not think he deserves those very low grades

It's not good but it's decent

La historia no es que fuera tan interesante
Bueno, el problema es que no pasan muchas cosas en la película

pero aún así la historia salio decente

los personajes algunos de ellos dieron un sentido de misterio

la música ers como la saga es buena
y la actuación algunos lo hacen bien

aun así, no creo que se merezca esas calificación tan bajas

No es bueno, pero es decente

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