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Good sequel

Posted : 4 years, 1 month ago on 13 October 2017 09:17 (A review of Toy Story 2)

Hi i gonna review toy story 2

Spoilers alert

the story in a nutshell a toy raptor takes Woody the other toys were going to save him while Woody knew he had a TV show long ago

Not bad but I do not think it's better than his other 2 movies

Of the characters Before you begin, if you saw the first critic i saw hamm and potato head are really bad here they made them less annoying that was aceptable

Jessie the new cowgirl and his Horse I think if they are good

The villain is crap when hamm and potato head are decent they bring me a character slur

the same with the thief is just as bad

and the animation is good but not improved unlike the first

I No have more to thing so
this movie is not like the first one is good but it decayed I also feel her as one of the weakest of Pixar

final rating 7,7

This is all im walterwhite and bye

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a poor movie

Posted : 4 years, 1 month ago on 6 October 2017 04:29 (A review of Open Season)

Hi People im wlaterwhite im gonna review open season let,s Begin

The story is mediocre but it would have been made for a series of 23 minutes or less
it is also predictable because with bad idea had to think several things to make the film of 90 minutes at least madagascar can improve even though it was with the third the other two are shit

the various characters are bad as the villain is a mentally retarded the main characters are a little annoying I even think gissele is the only innocent

the animation of being sony is decent is good but average bone is not surprising
and if to be sony is aceptable

I No Have more to thing so

mediocre film not to expect from sony even though it is something decent the story but that of film is more of a series of 1 hour I felt it much shorter it is better than its sequels and that other of sony pictures shows that it is not greedy like ilumination but not that it was outstanding more than with the average animation and somewhat annoying characters that we say ...

Final Rating 5,4

This is all im walterwhite and bye

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of the best pixar

Posted : 4 years, 2 months ago on 29 September 2017 09:11 (A review of Ratatouille)

Hi im walterwhite i gonna review ratatouille

Spoilers alert

the story I will not tell you directly

despite not being as good, as she told her story, compensated
gave something new to the table to see, this film although it was something strange to premise, but that was almost the same with kung fu panda

The Characters Most are well, the one I liked was Anton Ego as his critical character
,Remy the strange thing is that almost always the protagonist is my favorite character or the best,
linguini is like the typical failure, without reason at least, with what I saw

The animation is Pixar is fine but I'll talk it's okay
I did not find an error

I No Have more to thing so

Ratatouille It's good movie is not the best of Pixar but it's good
and I do not think it's better than the incredibles and the iron giant
and I hope to see the movies that are missing from brad bird

Final Rating 8,4

Now I only try to criticize good movies when I'm out of ideas I'll see maybe one

This is all im walterwhite and bye
Thank you for your attention

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potential rather wasted

Posted : 4 years, 2 months ago on 26 September 2017 11:25 (A review of The Lego Ninjago Movie)

Hi im walterwhite

I said long ago that this movie wanted to see, it and I left and I went to see it so we start

Spoilers alert

I will try not to give the whole story
Dire that was decent, only that it had errors, like Lloyd that I liked in the series, that only saw the first 2 seasons, But because ninjago was being attacked, was weird and dumb

And of spoilers
When Wu falls off the bridge that's what was bad

And the relation father and son, that tries to put here is only aceptable

and I did not like it so much, that lloyd was the little social, and was the one who should have hidden his identity

The story is somewhat mediocre, or just left to want something

The characters are ok mostly lloyd, always liked me in the series also, of that maintained its personality but I do not remember, that Jay was so shy

The animation follows well as the last two, LEGO films
and I know it's for all ages, but if it was for older ages I would think it would be good


The LEGO Ninjago Movie It's regular but even 
I saw her and saw her mistakes 
Final rating 7,0

but even so is the best animated films of this stinking year nothing is missing that coco is a great dinosaur or brave but it is something outstanding defending with this year's animated films

This is all im walterwhite and Bye

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the best of the 3d disney

Posted : 4 years, 2 months ago on 22 September 2017 08:04 (A review of Big Hero 6)

Hi im walterwhite i gonna review big hero 6

spoilers alert

history is in san fransokio a city based in San Francisco and Tokyo hiro is a boy fan of robots fights Hiro fights with a guy named yama supposed better fighter with a robot that seems weak but is strong his brother help him escape because yama he gets angry for losing hiro will go to another but tadashi before taking it takes him to his university where he met friends and a robot called baymax

so far I will say not to spoil more

history is good, even if it is not so much

of animation is Disney and I loved it as it was of imaginative san fransokio I think that's disney Made good the 3d and before the 2d although they must return to 2d

The characters are good some are very good I think the best is baymax I always like characters like him hiro identifies me and tadashi I like to be a good brother

and the humor I think I did like sometimes I laughed well

I even think the dubbing liked me some were well done again bay-Max had a good voice both in English and Spanish

I No have more to thing so

Although I do not seem to like it I loved the movie and if I thought it good enough for a 9 but still it lacked more to have it
But Currently the best made in 3d of disney And better than the overratted

Final rating 8,6

this is all im walterwhite and bye

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Well done

Posted : 4 years, 2 months ago on 15 September 2017 07:01 (A review of The Prince of Egypt)

Hi im walterwhite i gonna review the prince of egypt i see todat let,s begin

Spoilers alert

Start showing us how they commanded Egypt many years ago which were slaves killed etc. were very evil A Mother saves her son so that the river carries him, this one comes to the kingdom and they raise him which had another son who when he grew he inherited the throne and would follow the same but for the slavery moises the already grown baby saves the slave killing the one who mistreated him which is why he escapes and comes to a town where they take him as god and helping people marry a woman and then tells him a god to stop with Egypt and gives power to his staff and will do everything to stop it like a god

Ok the story is good I do not know if it is realistic but it is good being real or not

the characters now I will not say some in specific if not all I will say as if they were one
I think if they were good most and if enough to be very good I think without bad characters so
the characters are good

The animation is dreamworks is fine and like the other films is well done only that is not perfect as the typical mistakes also sometimes moses saw something red

and the songs and soundtracks Jesus Christ is almost perfect the soundtracks so much music I liked and I think the best of this

I No have more to thing so

The Prince of Egypt is Excellent was not the one that I liked but the enjoyment and quality of the movie is good if I had better things would have become the maximum classification

Final Rating 9,3

this is all im walterwhite and bye

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A Funny movie

Posted : 4 years, 2 months ago on 8 September 2017 06:51 (A review of Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit)

Hi people im walterwhite i gonna review Wallace and gromit and curse of the were rabbit let.s begin

Spoilers alert

The story Wallace and gromit They are rabbit hunters because they eat the food of the neighborhood in specific vegetables And more that at that time were competing for a prize to the best vegetable but they treat them like their pets

The story is good although it is not the big thing

The characters
Wallace and gromit the two are good are some of my favorite Duos Although I think it is the duo of the funny and the intelligent

Víctor quartermaine Is the villian of the movie is bad villian not like others of DreamWorks But is not horrible It is the one that competes for someone and wants the other dead

Lady campánula It is the one that makes the tournament and trusts Wallace to catch the rabbits I do not know how to say it but he was like patient not to let that Victor killed the rabbits Is Good

I do not think there are others but one that I liked was Miss blight

The stop motion of the movie are good Sometimes I was surprised but not like in others

The Humor It is more intelligent than in other films is not so forced and knew where to put jokes to be comedy movie And Let it be if you made me laugh in some scenes I think they did very well

I no have more to thing so

Wallace and gromit The curse of the were rabbit is a good movie And I think it is the best animated of 2005 And What I did that began to see Aarmand Recommended if you want to disrate or laugh a Little

Final rating 8,4

This is all im walterwhite and bye

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A good movie

Posted : 4 years, 3 months ago on 1 September 2017 08:47 (A review of Anastasia)

Hi im walterwhite i gonna review anastasia


The story begin with Anatsia who is the granddaughter of the quenn going to France but St Petersburg are or they live is invaded by Rasputín who hate much this family and the grandmother and his granddaughter escape but anastasia can not escape 10 years later
Dimitri that if he brings back anastasia to the grandmother would give him a lot of money when he finds it rasputin knows this and from there goes the story

the story is like Disney is good 7,5

The thing for me is the best of the movie is the animation in some parts I was surprised for the animation 8,1

the characters

Anastasia is the Main character of the film
as a character is regular yet still better than some disney and at least not married or kissed with someone he just met 7,0

dimitri is good and and learned an injury in the movie and in Spanish is done by the voice of goku of dragon ball Z 8,0

Rasputin is the villian of the movie and is good for the villian of the movie He was murdered and to give his life he can leave parts of the body and not die I taste like villain although it was not impressive like others I saw

the supposly queen i view but i not think is so good
i would not know how to say this

FOR FINISH Anastasia is a good movie like the another princess movie of Disney I really was surprised that it was not Disney But is not a great thing but is good and


and if I see anything else I will add it although it could affect the rating

this is all im walterwhite and bye

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Begginig of a leyend

Posted : 4 years, 3 months ago on 25 August 2017 06:41 (A review of Toy Story)

hi im walterwhite i gonna review toy story the first movie of pixar and first with animation of computer

Spoilers alert

the story is from the toy Woody is the favorite toy of the kid Andy but in his birthday He received a New toy buzz lightyear the new toy has better things than Woody and buzz is the new favorite toy but woddy He gets jealous and tries to throw but the two lost in pizzaplanet and they reach the hands of the neighbor of andy psychopath And if they want to escape they have to work together

end of spoilers

the story is good and New for the time 8,0


Woody is one of my favorite characters a good protagonist 8,7

Buzz lightyear Is the same opinión of Woody but At the beginning of the movie I did not like it but then it got better 7,9

Andy Did not know how to say it but shows what a child would be like, although now with miracles the children leave their room 7,5

Slinky is good and my favorite of the another toys 8,5

Mr. Potato Head and Hamm the two are bad and horribles and the worst thing of the movie To be specific the only bad 2,4
They are unbearable

Rex Are a good - and bo peep i dont know how i gonna tale is she

the songs are good and the music all about you got a friend in me

[Link removed - login to see]

The animation for the first of Computer is not bad i not think is too good but is the first of pc


final thing

what more i gonna thing toy story is a good movie a good begin for pixar i really like it and one of my favorite Trilogies Reccomended

rating 8,8/10

and a thing is not for the critic if you are from europe you possibly watch this on friday
but asia and Australia this is gonna Will leave from saturday

this is all im walterwhite and bye

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In a Heartbeat review

Posted : 4 years, 3 months ago on 7 August 2017 12:49 (A review of In a Heartbeat)

Hi i gonna be a faster review of In a heartbeat,

the story is Predictable, a kid love another kid But Is of the same sex, That's why it's So popular, I will not tell the story this is a short review,

Something that stands out is It's just that I speak better of love than Disney. , Another time but the love is gay,
but the problem is overratted,I would not know why

For this the story is decent,but bad,poor and Predictable

The animation is OK or Meh

For Finish is a decent short film, but is bad in a things

Final rating 6,2/10
But of commitment 5,6

this is all walterwhite Out

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